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A fresh, new, unique style that is free, energetic, modern, and abstract. Suzanne Barber creates her dream come true; her own design gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.

Her Gallery is designed to evoke an experience for her guests; curating art, vignettes of furniture, music and her own warm welcome.

Gallerist, artist, author and creator of her unique style, this Tennessee native lives, paints, teaches and creates from her heart space in Laguna Beach, where home, studio and gallery all coalesce within a stone's throw of Main Beach. 

"My intention is always to inspire and encourage viewers to thrive in their lives and be motivated by their living spaces. Art has the capacity to do that. Whether you are energized, delighted, relaxed or amused. You get to decide."


Suzanne often paints with her hands and always from her heart, pouring herself into every piece. Many of her clients trust her to come to their homes and design a piece of art especially for their environment and the mood for their space. 

Artist-as-enterprenuer tendencies blossomed early for Suzanne when at 5 years-old she created customized greeting cards for friends and family which later developed into a thriving business.


Becoming the artist in residence for the Montage Laguna Beach brought this full circle while teaching classes at the resort. Cementing this partnership with Montage, Suzanne went on to design and produce and exclusive signature art book to be placed in every guest room.


Her vast career spans decades filled with travel, study and adventure. As a spa and wellness consultant, she has opened over 50 resort spas.

As wellness advocate she has taught and facilitated thousands of wellness classes and workshops including art and art therapy. Always the artist, she comes back to her passion, believing that staying "well" means creating everyday. 


Art is the first thing she places in an environment and everything else just comes naturally.


"When curating, it's all about how it feels in the space."


While representing 15 artists at a prominent Laguna Beach gallery, Suzanne gained valuable knowledge as a gallery director and design consultant. 


"Creating a place in our heads and hearts that allows for peace, art connects and communicates with each person differently. Art creates its own language and speaks seductively to its viewers."


"Each and every painting has its own unique story of creation: the tone and feeling within it as it was created and felt by the artist."


"Imagination is more important than knowledge. 



Knowledge has its limitations while imagination



has no limits."  - Albert Einstein

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